Welcome to Back to Britain Pubs!

Our passion is to share the experience of a traditional British pub with others. Mark Myers from London England is the creator of Back to Britain Pubs. He had a desire to recreate the atmosphere of the pubs back home. His first pub was built into a rock wall under a porch and the tiny space truly felt like a step back in time.

A Back to Britain pub is custom made in your own home. Each one is unique and is made with a combination of new, old and repurposed materials. One can be built in a small or large space depending on what suits you .

Some like a cozy feel while others like to have room for dancing or a pool table! The style can vary from old country traditional to British Invasion Rock and Roll.

Whatever your entertaining style, our pubs take you back in time to the feel of a true British neighborhood pub.

We can build a pub in a whole room with lots of detail and collectibles or just the basic bar and beams to start.

Customers find they love to gather their own curios and that friends and family have great ideas for gifts for the pub owners too.

We will consult with you and give a written estimate before any work is started.


Having your own pub at home makes it easy to listen to your choice of music or watch your favorite sports. Your favorite beverages are sure to be stocked as well! It also gives your guests the option of staying overnight to avoid drinking and driving.

A Back to Britain Pub will provide you with a one of a kind getaway to entertain and gather with new friends and old.


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