Working with you to build your home pub.

If you are considering a home pub, we'll do a free consultation in your home. 

We'll have a look at the space that you are considering and discuss options for you. We like to incorporate items that are meaningful to you. Perhaps a treasured picture or item that connects you to your heritage.We'll talk about inventory that we have that you may want to include. The process of creating a pub is for us, very much like painting a picture. Your space is the canvas. We start with the bar in the best position and layer posts, beams, shelves,  decorative items and elements important to you. We'll discuss cost which will vary depending on how extensive you want your pub to be. We can build just a bar to start   or a whole pub that makes you feel like you've stepped back in time.

Our costs are reasonable , we want to make it affordable to have the kind of enjoyment that we and our previous clients have from our pubs.

Check out our page" Pubs we have created for comments from "Back to Britain Pub owners"


We are available by appointment for a consultation. 250-246-1265

Mark 604-615-2140 or Sandy 604-556- 4361

You can also reach us at






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